Arranging The Yard For New Puppies

Opening your home to cute puppies can liven up the entire space. In fact, it may be so lively that you look forward to getting them out in the back yard to frolic while you enjoy some quiet time indoors. However, because puppies are so rambunctious, you may soon lament the state of the yard out back. To give puppies a safe, fun outdoor environment without ruining your own enjoyment of the area, use these puppy prepping tips:

Install a Fence

The most immediate, and perhaps the easiest solution to roaming puppies in the yard is a pet fence. Pet fences are low enough that they won't interfere with your own view, but tall enough that they can block curious puppies from getting into your flowers or vegetables. The principal decision about the fence is what material it'll be constructed with. Wood is usually not the best choice, even if the rest of your yard has beautiful wood fencing, for many reasons. Wood requires maintenance if it's going to fight not only sun and rain but puppy activity and urine. You may need to replace wood slats more often than you'd like.

Vinyl is a more common and usual choice for pet fences. Vinyl is strong enough to resist digging and knocking, and if your puppies do spray or urinate in certain spots, vinyl is easily cleanable with some water mixed with gentle soap. Vinyl is also priced affordably. Chain link pet fences are also possible if you hope to avoid frequent maintenance requirements.

Make a Sandbox

Even if you give them their own space, your little puppies will turn their attention to the soil for digging and kicking about. To prevent too many holes, give them some fun in a sandbox.The sandbox can be a separate fenced area or a kiddie pool that you feel with sand. Hide treats and new little toys in the sand to gain their interest, and then they'll enjoy how their paws feel in the sand until it's time to return to the house.

Know Poisonous Plants

Wherever you put puppies in the yard, it's smart that you know which plants aren't good for your puppies. Daffodils, azaleas, lilies, and tulips are examples of flowers you may not want your puppies to disturb, but understand they can be toxic to your animals as well. Once you know what's dangerous, you can be more vigilant about protecting your pups.

With all the changes made with the information here, the puppies and the yard will both thrive. Discuss your personal situation with pet fence contractors, landscapers, and other experts who can add helpful ideas for a pet fence installation.

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