Is Your Kid Asking For A Reptile? 3 Reasons Why Reptiles Make Great Pets!

If you've always envisioned fluffy kittens or friendly dogs when you think of house pets, you may be a little taken aback when your child tells you that the pet they really want is a snake or a lizard. But if you're willing to look at it with an open mind, you may discover that a reptile really is the perfect pet for your family. Take a look at some of the top reasons why reptiles make terrific pets.

They're Hypoallergenic

It's a common scenario in many households: one member of the family wants a pet, but another family member breaks into violent sneezing fits anytime they come in contact with pet dander. It's a difficult situation. Reptiles don't have fur, so even the allergic members of the household can share in the joys of taking care of a pet.

They're Educational

Your average cat or dog will usually do fine living in the same type of environment that the rest of the family lives in. But for reptiles, the environment is very important. A species that's native to deserts won't just adjust to cold temperatures, and a species that's native to rainforests won't do well if their environment is too dry.

In order for a reptile to thrive, you'll need to create a microcosm of the reptile's natural environment in your home, using a tank or aquarium. This presents a great opportunity for your child to learn about an environment that's very different from the one that they live in. Use the opportunity to teach your child about the kind of place your reptile came from, what the weather is like there, what other animals they might meet in their natural environment, and so on.

They Take Up Less Space

You may need to find a large surface to set a tank on, but in general, reptiles have lower space requirements than other types of pets. Your lizard doesn't need a backyard to run around in and your corn snake will never knock over lamps in your small apartment.

If you have limited indoor or outdoor space for an animal to roam, it's easy to decide that having a pet is just out of the question. But a reptile doesn't need that much space, so they're a perfect choice for families that have limited square footage but lots of love to give to a pet.

If you've never had a reptile for a pet before, you will have to do some research to learn how to take care of them properly. But once you get the hang of it, you may be surprised to learn that a reptile for sale is an ideal pet for your family. 

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