Seven Signs Of Mange In Dogs And Cats

Mange is a skin condition found in both cats and dogs that pet owners should be aware of. This common skin condition is caused by an infestation of mites in the skin and fur of dogs and cats. If it is not treated, an infestation of mange can become increasingly severe and eventually put a pet's health in danger. Mange is also highly contagious and can spread to humans.

The following are seven signs of mange in dogs and cats that pet owners should be aware of to ensure that their pet's skin stays in good condition:

Restlessness and an inability to sit still

Mange causes constant irritation for an affected pet. This will make it so that a pet dog or cat will be more active than usual and will be disinclined to sit still. 

Constant scratching

Mange causes intense irritation of the skin and will lead to constant itching in the affected areas of the skin. A cat or dog will scratch constantly to relieve the irritation. 

Licking, chewing, and biting at the fur and skin

The itching that mange causes could make it so that a dog or cat will start attempting to pull out his or her fur or bite at the skin in an effort to find relief. Affected pets may also lick the skin to soothe it after it has been constantly scratched and chewed on. 

Patches of missing fur

Biting and chewing at the fur can cause bald patches to develop on the fur of an affected dog or cat. At first, bald spots are most likely to form around the face and neck. However, they can eventually spread all over the body. 

Red rashes developing on the surface of the skin

Mites biting at the skin will typically cause rashes to form on the skin. Red rashes can be seen both on bald skin and on skin that is still covered by fur.

In addition to rashes, it's likely that scabs and insect bite marks will also be visible on the surface of an infected pet's skin. 

Difficulty sleeping at night

An advanced case of mange will cause so much irritation that it will become almost impossible for a pet to rest.

This means that a cat or dog with a severe case of mange will not be able to sleep and may wander around at night. Over time, a lack of rest will weaken the dog's immune system and lead to general exhaustion. 

An unusual odor

Pets suffering from mange may eventually develop an unpleasant odor. This happens when a bacterial infection takes root in the skin as the result of the infected pet's weakening immune system. 

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