How To Make Sure Your Dog Can Stay At A Private Establishment

When well-trained, it's amazing how useful a service dog can be. However, there are many ways that great service dog can go bad and several things you can do to solve that problem.

Avoid Distractions

Service dogs are highly trained to avoid distractions. They must be able to focus on the handler and the task at hand. However, service dogs are not perfect and will sometimes become distracted. Talking to, whistling or barking at a dog can distract it and cause it to make mistakes. When others are around your service dog, ask that they do not perform these actions when your dog is busy performing a task.

Know That Businesses Can Sometimes Turn Your Dog Away

Even when you own a service dog, laws protect business owners from dogs that are disruptive or dangerous in the establishment. For example, if your service dog is not well-behaved, a business owner has the power to remove your dog. The service dog should be completely focused on you, the handler, at all times and should express several behaviors.

Your dog should have an even temperament at all times. Your dog should be able to walk nicely on a leash without pulling you. When you stop wandering, your dog should wait patiently at your side. When you are sitting, the service dog should sit down and wait quietly by your side. While it is fine for your dog to change position, it should not get up to wander around.

Your dog should be quiet and should not distract others, unless it is performing work it has been specifically trained to do. They should respond very quickly to commands and cues. It should be clear that the service dog understands the commands that are being given. Your dog should be extraordinarily obedient and have much better manners than most dogs. Your dog must also be able to perform a task that mitigates your disability.

Have Your Dog Trained and Registered

If you are not sure if your dog will be an effective service dog, make sure that your dog is trained by someone who has successfully trained a high-performance dog or a service dog before. These type of trainers are able to pick up on issues that novice trainers won't be able to. Also, make sure to have your service dog registered so that it will be easier to get him or her inside areas where only service dogs are allowed.

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