Caring For Your English Bulldog's Wrinkles

The distinct folds and wrinkles of an English bulldog set the breed apart and give them unique and adorable look. In addition to caring for your English bulldog's teeth, paws, and coat, it is equally as critical to properly care for and clean their amazing wrinkles. As bulldogs age, their wrinkles become even more pronounced and require even more attention.

Here are a few simple tips to help you properly care for your English bulldog's wrinkles and folds.

Why It Is So Important to Care for Your English Bulldog's Wrinkles

When your English bulldog eats their dinner, enjoys a few treats, or takes a drink of water before playing outside, they will inevitably get some moisture and crumbs in their wrinkles. If the food particles and moisture are allowed to accumulate and left inside the wrinkles, it can cause an infection in addition to causing your English bulldog pain and irritation.

Wipe Out the Wrinkles After Every Meal

Grab a damp cloth and wipe out your English bulldog's wrinkles after every meal. It can be tricky to get your rambunctious dog to sit still, so consider offering them a treat while you wipe out their wrinkles. Wipe out the wrinkles after you clean them with the damp cloth to remove any remaining moisture.

Use the damp cloth to also wash out your dog's wrinkles if they are playing outside and get dirty. Dry out their wrinkles with the dry cloth if they are splashing in a puddle or after having fun inside their water dish.

Performing a Deeper Cleaning  

Ask your veterinarian about how often to deep clean your English bulldog's wrinkles, which involves using soap and water. Depending on your dog's activity level, this could be once a week or a few times a week. To deep clean the wrinkles, use a dog shampoo, warm water, and a soft cloth. Wipe out the wrinkles with the soapy water before carefully rinsing out the soap with lukewarm water.

Dry the wrinkles well with a dry cloth and examine the wrinkles for any redness or signs of irritation or infection. Talk to your vet if the skin inside the folds appears red and irritated or if cleaning the folds is painful. Your veterinarian can help you diagnose an infection and recommend a topical cream or cleaning routine to help prevent an infection in the future.

Cleaning and caring for your English bulldog's wrinkles properly, which includes making sure they remain dry, will help prevent an infection.

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