Why Min Pin Puppies Are Perfect For Apartment Dwellers

If you live in an apartment, does that mean you cannot have a puppy? Not necessarily! As long as your lease allows you to have a dog, it is possible to raise a dog in an apartment. You will, however, want to choose your breed carefully. One breed that tends to work really well for apartment dwellers is the miniature pinscher or min pin. Here are some key reasons why a min pin puppy is such a wise choice for apartment dwellers.

They're tiny

Min pin puppies are not just small; they're tiny. Even when fully grown, miniature pinschers tend to weigh only 8 to 11 pounds. There are lots of advantages to having a dog this small when you live in an apartment. For one, the dog will be able to run and play in the apartment without constantly bumping into things. The dog's supplies will also be smaller. For instance, their bed may only be the size of a small pillow, whereas a larger dog would need a larger bed, which you might not have space for.

They're easy to train

Potty training a pup when you live in an apartment tends to be a bit harder. You often have to go through two or more doors to reach the outdoors, and there may not be a big lawn where you can let your dog off-leash. Thankfully, min pin puppies are relatively easy to train when compared to other small breeds. You should be able to housebreak your puppy fairly easily, even with an apartment setup. 

They don't shed heavily

Min pins do shed but not all that heavily. And since they are tiny, the amount of hair they lose, overall, tends to be much less than the average dog. In an apartment, it's easy for dog hair to get everywhere, but this is less of a problem with a min pin pup. Since they're black, their hair doesn't show up as easily on carpets and furniture, either. So, your apartment will remain looking cleaner, which is nice when guests stop by on short notice.

Look for a miniature pinscher breeder near you, and see if they have any min pin puppies for sale. Once you meet these pups in person, you'll have a better idea of whether their personalities fit your preferences. If you decide that they do, rest assured that you've chosen a great breed for apartment life.

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