Guidelines When Seeking A New Grooming Service

Pet grooming procedures will provide your cat or dog with a healthy, shiny coat and may ward off parasitic problems and skin issues. An establishment that provides grooming services may offer breed specific care strategies that will address common issues that a particular pet type may encounter.

Your Pet's Current Status

If you have been providing your pet with grooming sessions thus far, you are aware of any fur inconsistencies, knots, or skin problems that your pet has endured. If your pet is currently being served by a pet groomer, but you are seeking more comprehensive services, take note of the products and grooming tools that have been used on your pet in the past. Your new groomer may want to know about your pet's temperament and the manner in which grooming is typically conducted.

If your current groomer used some styling techniques that you prefer, you can let the new groomer know about these. A groomer may offer a book that features pictures of various grooming styles. A poodle groomer, for instance, may perform some shaving techniques that will make it appear as if the poodle has pom-poms on certain parts of their body. If you own a similar dog breed, one of the pictures that you observe at the groomer's may be something that you would like to have recreated on your own pet. 

Your Pet's Habits And Medical Issues

A pet groomer may request information about your pet's habits. If your cat or dog licks incessantly or tends to chew on their fur, this may warrant the use of a gentle exfoliator and an all natural shampoo and conditioner product. Some pet habits could be associated with their care regime. A pet that does not receive grooming sessions frequently may have oily fur or shedding fur. A pet that is sensitive to particular products may experience irritations that cause them to lick and bite parts of their body.

Reveal your observations to your new groomer. Learn about the products and tools that a groomer will be using during each grooming session. Grooming services may be priced differently, according to the level of attention that a pet will receive and the size and breed of a pet. If your pet has endured any medical issues, be certain to let the new groomer know. Medical issues may require some targeted grooming strategies. Any products or services that could interfere with a medical issue may not be administered.

Contact a local pet grooming service to learn more. 

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