Notice These Things When Your Cat Vomits

Every responsible cat owner should be attentive when their animal vomits. While it can be frustrating when your cat throws up, particularly if it makes a mess in an area of your home that is difficult to clean, this issue could be a potential sign of a health problem for your cat. Taking a moment to look at the vomit before you clean the area can give you some useful information that you can share with your cat's veterinarian. If the cat throws up anything beyond an obvious hairball, you shouldn't hesitate to contact the animal clinic to share some details. Here are some things that you should make a point of noticing.


The consistency of a cat's vomit can vary considerably due to several factors. A cat that drinks too much will sometimes throw up soon afterward, and the vomit in this scenario will be very liquid. Conversely, there can be times when your cat's vomit is thick. In cases of thicker vomit, it's often possible to see specific things in the vomit. For example, you might notice pieces of the cat's food or, on other occasions, things that the cat has eaten that it should not have consumed. Noting these things to share with the veterinarian will help them to assess what might be wrong with your cat.


You should also note the color of the cat's vomit, which can vary significantly based on what's going on with the animal. Red particles in the vomit are a significant concern, as they're often indicative of the presence of blood. Many different health issues can cause blood to be present in a cat's vomit, and this typically requires an animal hospital visit. Yellowish vomit can suggest that bile is present, which can suggest one of many different types of digestive ailments.


A cat that vomits on rare occasions isn't necessarily a cause for alarm, although you should share what you observe during the pet's next checkup. If the cat throws up with considerable frequency — for example, multiple times a week — you should definitely call the local animal hospital. All sorts of issues can cause frequent vomiting, from allergies to more serious health conditions. Upon listening to you explain details about the consistency, color, and frequency of the vomit, the animal hospital will likely recommend that you schedule a visit to allow the veterinarian to determine why your cat has been throwing up.

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